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Source of Nature is a locally-owned Colorado wholesale company and we partner with all craft beverage makers, including your brewery or craft beverage production to provide the best and most unique specialty ingredients used in the creation of your world-class beverages. We offer fruit purees, concentrates, juices, and zests, as well as spices and specialty products from all over the world for craft brews of all kinds. We also offer dry and freezer storage for raw materials or aging barrels, and cold storage for your finished products. 

We work hard to make your life easier and your brews go smoother by ensuring you have the wholesale specialty products you need, when you need them, right here at our Northern Colorado location. We keep most products on hand, helping you avoid costly expedited shipping charges. We also save you time and stress by helping you avoid hunting for products, price comparing, and delivery logistics.



We offer delivery of items purchased, with no minimum purchase and no restrictions on delivery areas – we’ll travel up and down the Front Range from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs and also to the Western Slope of Colorado.

We also provide shipping beyond Colorado!

Need one of our craft beverage products? We’ll get it to you – just get in touch!



Source of Nature is proud to work with the following breweries and other craft beverage producers:


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