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Ready to innovate new products and streamline your sourcing of brewing ingredients? Need a competitive advantage to compete with bigger breweries or craft beverage makers? Source of Nature is here to help! We are here to partner with your brewery or other craft beverage production to provide the wholesale products, services, and sourcing you need to innovate delicious craft beverages. Brewing is an ancient craft we honor through quality ingredients. Source of Nature offers:


Brew quality craft beverages and streamline your process by sourcing the highest quality fruits, spices, and other ingredients with Source of Nature.


We offer cold, frozen, and dry storage space. Additionally, we offer barrel aging space. Freeing up much needed square footage in your facility!


Can't find that one ingredient you have been searching for? Let us help. With over 18 years experience and 1,000s of suppliers – we can find it for you!

The Source of Nature team has the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way, from the specialty ingredients all the way to cold storage of your final product. We’re constantly seeking unique fruits and specialty products to help you craft delicious and tasty creations that your fans are sure to love. 

We offer Northern Colorado wholesale sourcing of specialty ingredients to streamline your brewing. We are your local Colorado partners in wholesale sourcing top-notch products from all over the world at cost-conscious prices and storage to help you brew with the resources you need.

Small craft breweries and beverage producers, especially those new to the business, often have limited space for raw material storage and cold storage for finished product. As your business grows, you might face a bottleneck due to insufficient manufacturing capacity, rather than a lack of opportunity. 

It makes most sense for your brewery to expand your manufacturing capabilities, including more fermentation tanks and packaging lines, but that space is also needed for raw materials, finished product, and so on. You might find yourself constrained by your building size and location. Further, you’ll have to order dry ingredients more frequently, at higher prices, because you do not have available storage on site, further raising the cost per volume produced.

Source of Nature is the solution. Contact us today to discuss your craft beverage storage and sourcing needs.